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Digital Signage Solutions: Engaging. Dynamic. Cost Effective.

LED boards are a smart, eye-catching digital signage solution that event organizers are quickly adopting to power their event messaging, sponsorship opportunities, engagement strategies, and security planning. Digital signage solutions elevate events of all sizes by captivating attendees with high impact and dynamic full-color graphics and video.

Why choose digital signage solutions?

Digital signage captures 400% more views than static signage, just one of the many reasons why digital signage solutions may be a better option for your event.


High quality and full-color graphics display paired with complete customization make anything possible.

Increased engagement

Visually stimulating signage captivates your audience and boosts your event with an element of interactivity.

Fast implementation

Set up is quick and content can be digitally created and placed, eliminating the long lead time needed for designing and printing static signage.

Real-time messaging updates

Once set up, content and messaging can be deployed instantaneously. All event, security or emergency communication updates can be shared with your audience in seconds.

Eliminated printing costs

Cut down the cost of graphics production by skipping the printer and opting for a more sustainable solution that could save your event money year after year.

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